Raygun ensures your customers are having flawless software experiences

Behind every successful business is a great team of people. Raygun is no exception. We are proud to deliver the highest quality service and tools to thousands of innovative organizations around the world.

Only 1% of customers actively report errors and performance issues they encounter whilst using web and mobile applications. We’re here to put the power into your hands. Raygun helps you proactively find, diagnose and fix software errors and performance problems - before your customers experience them.
Our goal is to produce an unbeatable solution for our customers with powerful tools and responsive support.
Raygun is trusted by thousands of innovative organizations

Numbers we are proud of

50 Billion +
Errors processed for our customers
100,000 +
Developers using Raygun across 120+ countries
100 Billion +
Better user experiences thanks to Raygun

We are lucky to have been recognized by these organizations

NZ Hi-Tech Awards Most Innovative Hi-Tech Software Solution 2020
The Wellington Gold Awards - 2019 Finalist / Global Gold
NZ Hi-Tech Awards Startup of the year 2015

Here's what our customers say about Raygun


"The best feature of Raygun so far is the ability to track which users are affected by an error. In many cases, we know that a user is experiencing a problem with our application before they even notice it."

Barry Wark
CEO And Co-founder

Global Office

"Raygun has allowed my company to reduce its error notifications by 90%. Development is more robust, and Raygun versioning allows us to know when bugs have been introduced after a specific release."

Nick Witteman
General Manager


"If you are developing software, you need Raygun. No matter how well you design and write your code, your application is going to have errors. Raygun helps you get to the bottom of what’s wrong quickly."

Karl Gjertsen
Lead Developer


"It’s incredibly easy to get started with Raygun, it’s completely plug and play and takes no more than 10 minutes to get up and running. We installed Raygun in minutes and started getting real time error reports instantly."

Andrew Schofield
Chief Technology Officer