Build an unbeatable monitoring workflow

Raygun doesn’t just tell you when something’s gone wrong; it tells you where it went wrong and exactly how to fix it. Take action with real-time error and performance diagnostics that reveal the root cause, right down to the line of code
Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days

Seamlessly integrate Raygun into your current workflow in minutes

Get set up in no time, with a single line of code or with a simple agent. Seamlessly integrate Raygun with the tools you know and love, amplifying and improving your current development workflow.


Rapidly detect performance issues, errors, and crashes

Focus on what matters while Raygun works silently in the background, identifying and notifying you of performance issues, saving you countless hours of debugging time. Surface and prioritize errors and performance issues to get a true picture of your application's health.


Diagnose the root cause of software issues

Get all the information you need to solve your biggest performance questions. See what’s wrong with your code with actionable, code-level diagnostics, so you’re never left guessing whether your software is working as intended.


Rapidly resolve errors and performance bottlenecks

Resolve issues and deploy fixes with greater speed and accuracy, and ensure users are having delightful digital experiences. Reduce time to resolution and start working on the things that matter most to you.


Maintain a watchful eye on software performance

Easily monitor and maintain your software after each and every release and see how the changes to your code have impacted real users interacting with your application.

“I think now we have one of the best workflows you would find anywhere. We're able to power through writing new features more of the time and that means better outcomes for our customers and their customers.”

Sean Jackson - Software Development Manager, Veezi
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“I would absolutely recommend Raygun. It's easy to get started and you’ll quickly get real visibility into what your users are actually experiencing.”

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer, Olo
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All major languages and frameworks supported

Raygun works across your entire software development technology stack. Whether you want to monitor errors and performance on your frontend, backend, or specific environments, everything will be automatically identified and presented on your Raygun dashboard.
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Get free unlimited monitoring for 14-days

Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days