Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting

Detect, diagnose, and resolve errors with ease

Ship better quality code, faster. Get real-time code-level insights into the health of your software and start fixing the errors impacting your end-users experience.

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Raygun Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting
Error Monitoring Dashboard

Complete visibility across your entire tech stack

Never let another error go unnoticed again. Monitor your full tech stack across both desktop and mobile, with all the information you need to take action.

  • Support for all major programming languages and frameworks, including .NET, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, and more
  • Get set up in minutes with lightweight SDKs and just a few lines of code
  • Flexible and affordable pricing with unlimited apps and team members

Identify and resolve issues quickly with rich, code-level diagnostics

Stop relying on log files or support tickets with incomplete information. Get deeper insights into the root cause of errors and crashes with diagnostics that take you down to the exact line of code.

  • Monitor every deployment in real-time to quickly identify errors before they impact your users 
  • See the full stack trace, environment, browser, version, class name, host, and more
  • Connect to source code repositories using native integrations with GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab, with support for source maps decoding

Prioritize errors that are having the greatest impact on your users

Crashes and errors are more than just numbers on a graph. Connect errors with real users, and gain unrivaled insight into where and how they are experiencing issues.

  • Order and prioritize errors based on users affected and the number of occurrences 
  • Use smart filtering to segment errors by date, location, version, host, OS, browser, and custom tags
  • Attach additional contextual information to error reports and user segments using custom data

Build an unbeatable error detection and resolution workflow

Spend more time building great software and less time fighting it. Increase deployment frequency, reduce MTTR, and ship code with confidence. 

Error Monitoring & Crash Reporting Users List
Error Tracking User Session

Unify your monitoring into a single, modern solution

Raygun’s full suite of error and performance monitoring tools give you complete real-time visibility into the health and performance of your software.

  • Pair Crash Reporting with Real User Monitoring to report on crash-free users and follow the actions that led to a given crash or error
  • Use in combination with APM to get rich insights into server-side errors, crashes, and performance issues 
  • Visualize trends and view the health of your applications at a glance with highly customizable dashboards

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Trusted by thousands of the world's leading development teams

"Raygun gives us all the tools we need right out of the box. It only took us minutes to integrate and start receiving errors, right down to the line of code."

Fabian Jakobs – Lead developer at Cloud9
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"Without Raygun to tell us about our errors, we wouldn't have been able to know what was happening – and that let us reduce our errors by almost 95%."

Luis Alonzo – Software architect at
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"We are obsessive about blasting errors with Raygun. As a result, we've reduced the number of errors per day from many hundreds to just a small handful."

Andrew Schofield – CTO at Timely
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