Application performance monitoring for customer-centric Product Managers

Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Rapidly surface performance bottlenecks, reduce operational costs, and create delightful customer experiences.
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Laser focus on the customer experience

Leading software teams must have a laser focus on their end-user so that they can build, learn, and iterate faster than their competitors. Raygun makes it quick and easy to see how your code performs in the hands of those who matter most - your customers.

“Ultimately, all that really matters is how real users are feeling when they use your product. Raygun allows you to connect crash reporting, real user monitoring, and application monitoring together so you can see what that user experience is like from start to finish. That's incredibly powerful.”

Greg Shackles - Principal Engineer at Olo

Ensure software quality when deploying to production

Raygun Crash Reporting will help you to proactively improve software quality before pushing changes into production and ensure errors in the codebase never reach your customers. With deployment tracking, you’ll be able to attribute introduced bugs, errors, and performance changes to specific releases, meaning you’ll never be left guessing whether your deployment introduced unwanted issues.

“We use the deployment tracking feature to see how each deployment behaves and measure the amount of errors we introduce and fix with each release.”

Luis Alonzo - Software Architect at HealthCare

Spend more time building great software and less time fighting it

Let your developers get back to doing what they love - shipping features that delight your customers. Prioritize the fixes that will have the greatest impact by grouping errors by product feature, error rate, and the number of users affected. Using powerful dashboarding functionality, Product Managers can get a high-level health check of how their features are received in the wild.

“With Raygun, it’s much easier to diagnose where an issue was occurring. It allows us to dive in there and fix it rather than spending hours trying to figure out what we are looking at.”

Philip Haydon - Application Architect at Peach

Tie performance and reliability to customer behavior

Bridge the gap between software performance and customer behavior. Understand exactly what a user was doing leading up to an error or performance issue, and build a complete picture of how the health of specific features impacts the way users interact with your application. Using modern performance metrics like First Paint and First Contentful Paint, you can understand when your most critical features are loading for users.

“From a Project Management perspective, the fact that Raygun automatically groups multiple instances of the same error into one record saves me countless hours processing duplicate entries.”

Steve Day - Project Manager and Development Lead at Staff Squared

100% coverage, every language, every platform

Raygun works across your entire software development technology stack. Whether you want to monitor errors and performance on your frontend, backend, or specific environments, everything will be automatically identified and presented on your Raygun dashboard.
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Start delivering the experience your customers deserve

Free unlimited monitoring for 14 days