Captivate audiences with seamless digital experiences

Attracting and retaining visitors is crucial for maximizing revenue and business growth. Raygun ensures your team is consistently delivering high-quality experiences that delight your customers.

Remove the stress from publishing

With a stream of content being uploaded daily, you need assurance that everything will go smoothly, even on your biggest days. Raygun gives you end-to-end visibility into your software, so you can have peace of mind that any issues introduced will be resolved before your customers even notice.

Optimize content to drive engagement and growth

Monitor, prioritize and improve the digital experience to significantly enhance the performance of your website.

Get real-time visibility into how your application is performing in the hands of your most valuable visitors. With custom filters for location, OS, device, URL, and more, you can ensure your target audience are consistently having fast, error-free experiences.

Build a world-class issue resolution workflow

Quickly identify issues

Get alerted to any new issues emerging in your software to minimize the time they’re in your user's hands.

Find the root cause

Code-level diagnostics take the guesswork out of resolving issues in your software.

Deploy a fix & monitor the results

Track the success of optimizations over time with fully customizable dashboards that keep your whole team looped in.

“Being able to find any errors before we push to production and before our customers notice is absolutely critical. Raygun is an integral part of our workflow that enables us to deploy better software faster.”

Poor quality software costs the Media & Entertainment industry millions

Thousands of development teams have already adopted the Raygun way. Through increased developer efficiency, decreased support times, and happier customers, it’s no wonder they’re at the forefront of redefining what a good digital experience looks like.


Developers spend an average of 20% of their work day fixing bugs


Raygun customers report a 50-90% reduction in time to identify and resolve errors


Raygun customers report they’ve reduced total errors by 90%

“Raygun is a no-brainer. It easily pays for itself by improving your app’s monetization and keeping your paying clients happy.”

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Learn why you need to invest in your customer experience

Learn why you need to invest in your customer experience

From happier customers, increased developer efficiency, and faster support times, it's no wonder Raygun customers are leading the way in media & entertainment. Find out how your team can achieve the same results.

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