Reducing error notifications by tens of thousands with Raygun

Companies who work with SilverStripe—whether with their strategy and design services or building a website—soon experience their dedication for delivering outstanding digital experiences.  

Speaking at StripeCon, SilverStripe’s own conference, Sam Minnée, the CEO and Co-Founder of SilverStripe says, “Some of the bigger companies we work with frequently report a sense of being stuck—whether that's with legacy technologies, old processes, or an entrenched culture. They just don’t know how to get stuff done. We see companies make decisions, then 12 months down the line be strained by the tactical choice they made. Some companies can take three years to implement a solution, which then becomes obsolete.”

With their range of services, SilverStripe wants to see these problems eradicated by managing the Digital Transformation process end-to-end, from strategy and design, through development, to ongoing support.

Many companies are aiding the Digital Transformation process. How is SilverStripe different? Sam says the answer is simple, “SilverStripe helps you start fast and stay fast.”

Identifying the need for visibility into software errors

When SilverStripe work with clients, they make sure to improve the everyday lives of the people using their websites and web apps—which means providing error-free user experiences.

Headshot of Sam Minee, CEO and Co-Founder of SilverStripe
We run high-value websites and applications for a number of clients where reliability is really key.
Sam Minnée - CEO and Co-Founder of SilverStripe

To do that, SilverStripe recognized the need to make errors more visible to the development and operations teams. However, their error logging solution was overwhelming the team with tens of thousands of email notifications.

When the team implemented Raygun, they were soon able to eliminate noise from notifications using Raygun’s error grouping feature and the weekly error digest emails so they could quickly take action on the errors that made an impact to their customers.  

Sam explains that before Raygun, the development team would receive an email every time an error occurred. “This would lead to thousands or even tens of thousands of emails that you just didn’t have time to make any sense of.” Sam continues, “Raygun transformed this and made our process much more usable and much more informative.”

Because Raygun automatically groups error types, which can then be ignored or permanently ignored, Sam’s team can prioritize quickly and effectively, not get lost in error logs.  

“Sometimes data can be overwhelming, so that’s why Raygun’s ability to concentrate the data and to draw the most relevant insights is really useful.”

Collection of images showing SilverStripe using Raygun Crash Reporting

Insight into errors during development

Explaining more about how Raygun improves visibility into errors, Sam says, “As standard practice, we roll out Raygun to all our sites. We do it both in production and in our testing environments so that we can pick up on errors during development. Both our delivery operations teams have access to the Raygun data.”

Integrations are also essential to drive visibility into software errors. Slack has been particularly pivotal in enabling the team to concentrate on the most relevant error data. SilverStripe also has its own cloud platform which integrates with Raygun to give more information about the health of new deployments.

Looking to the future

SilverStripe believes everyone's lives should improve as technology advances. SilverStripe’s mission is to help everyone have valued interactions with the organizations that shape modern life.

To do that, SilverStripe develops relationships built on trust with long-term clients by continuing to exceed expectations with excellent digital experiences.

Our customers trust us to deliver high-quality, reliable websites and applications. Raygun helps us know that we’re doing that well.

“For someone who’s considering Raygun, I would ask ‘what is your approach for keeping track of the errors that occur on your websites, and how do you know what’s really happening in production?’ Raygun is a great tool for this, and you should consider it.”

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