See how Timely reduced their errors by 95% using smart email notifications

Timely provides scheduling software for businesses in service industries. The cloud-based system serves over 11,000 salons, clinics, trainers, tutors and many others who need to grow a booking-based business.

Andrew Schofield is Timely's Chief Technical Officer. As the CTO, he’s focused on providing his customers with a great software experience. That doesn’t just mean a fast loading app with a beautiful UI - it also means trouble-free browsing.

The error counts provided by Raygun error monitoring are a crucial metric that helps Timely ensure they’re doing a good job of managing their errors. The best part for Andrew was how easy it was to integrate Raygun across Timely's product suite and get data flowing through their various apps. He says, “Raygun provides us with fantastic error tracking software that is incredibly easy to set up. Raygun will fundamentally change the way you manage errors in your apps,” Andrew continues, "It’s completely plug-and-play and takes no more than 10 minutes to get up and running."

Andrew from Timely
We installed Raygun in minutes and started getting real-time error reports instantly
Andrew Schofield - Chief Technology Officer at Timely

How Timely reduce error noise with Raygun's smart email notifications

Andrew uses Raygun's smart error notifications and daily error digests to keep his team focused. Instead of sending a Slack notification or email for every error occurrence, Raygun groups errors to ensure your team is only alerted to the errors that matter.

He says, “The smart Slack notifications ensure we are not flooded with messages when errors occur in our applications. Instead, Raygun stems the flow for us and lets us manage notifications on an individual and personal level. We especially love the daily digests of error activity which are not only useful but keep our inboxes free of notifications.” As a result, Raygun is now an essential tool in Timely's DevOps workflow. Andrew explains, "We are obsessive about blasting errors with Raygun. As a result, we’ve reduced the number of error occurrences per day from many hundreds to just a small handful.”

The Timely Team

Raygun's integrations with Slack and Trello makes tracking errors automatic

Andrew and the Timely development team use Raygun's integrations with Slack and Trello to stay up to date with errors. Slack, Trello, and Raygun work together to ensure their remote team of 80 is on the same page about errors and fixes - despite being in multiple time zones.

Andrew explains further that "We use Trello at Timely and can create tasks that each of the development team is assigned to. It makes error tracking a breeze, and everyone is on the same page regarding fixes. We also use Slack for our internal team chat and have Raygun error notifications appearing in a dedicated Slack channel. This means we can be alerted of errors and discuss potential causes and fixes right within Slack. It really does make error investigation and diagnosis a breeze.”

Thanks to Raygun, we have reduced the amount of errors in our applications by more than 95%. It is an essential part of our monitoring and alerting toolkit.

When asked if Andrew would recommend Raygun to another CTO looking to reduce the number of errors in their SaaS or service based company, Andrew says, “We would absolutely recommend Raygun to any business that relies on providing reliable software to serve their customers! It’s incredibly easy to set up and great value for money, reducing the amount of errors and crashes that happen in our applications and the amount of time required by the developer team to rectify them.”

Raygun ensures your apps are error free for your users

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